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KEK Centrifugal Sifters


KEK Centrifugal Sifters provide the ideal screening solution for dry powder and other bulk solid. The ‘Cantilever’ design offers users high standards in hygiene and ease of operation that are unprecedented.

The KEK Centrifugal Sifter is recognised as the leading industry high capacity sifter, providing unparalleled performance and benefits to the customer who expects the best.


Features and Benefits:

  • Clean, simple design

  • High-efficiency sifting with easy inspection, cleaning and maintenance with oversized end door

  • Easily removable sifter screen for inspection and cleaning

  • Cantilever shaft design – no oversized end bearings or seals

  • Gravity and inline pneumatic conveying designs

  • Operator friendly – no tools required for stripping down and cleaning

  • 7 model sizes in range

  • Hygienic Design


The KEK Centrifugal Sifter is available in an array of design options including:

  • A range of 7 sizes

  • Processes from a few kilograms/hr to over 90 tonnes per hour

  • Available with nylon, stainless steel woven wire and wedge wire screens

  • Gravity and inline pneumatic conveying models

Design Options:

KEK Centrifugal Sifters can be customised to suit the demands of process, environment and installation requirements.

Typical optional design features include:

  • Drive arrangement

  • Hazardous area electrics

  • Pressure rated design

  • Gas inerting

  • CIP capability

  • Special metals and alloys for construction

  • High containment machines

  • Screen protection or trash traps

  • High containment and dust-tight connections


KEK Centrifugal Sifters are ideal for the Sifting of Powders and Granules in gravity and inline installations with typical applications including:

Policing               – Check sieving and removal of foreign contaminants

Scalping              – Check sieving and removal of oversized products

Classification       -  Separating of two fractions at a specific screen size

Deagglomeration – Breaking of soft lumps into powders

Dedusting            – Removal of ‘fines’ from feed products

Liquid Straining    – Removal of excess liquid from solid product by straining through

                                the sifter screen


Product Dressing & Conditioning  

Final dressing and conditioning of powder mixes to ensure optimum end product quality.


Special Applications and Designs 

In addition, Kek Centrifugal Sifters are used for these special applications and designs:

  • Flour sieving using Kek Centrifugal Sifters

  • In-Line vacuum conveying centrifugal sifters

  • In-Line positive pressure pneumatic conveying centrifugal sifters

  • Product recovery from packaging

  • De-Agglomeration of dried fruits

  • Recovery of powder paint from spray booth

  • Kek ‘insertable’ Mini Sifter

  • Extruder protection


Typical Industry Applications include:


Food Industry

  • Flour sifting

  • Ingredient check sifting

  • Dairy powder sifting

  • Bakery mix de-lumping and final dressing


Chemical Industry

  • General fine powder classification

  • Nylon flock deagglomeration

  • Powder deagglomeration

  • Powder paint check sieving


Pharmaceutical industry

  • Check sieving of bulk pharmaceuticals

  • Classification of active pharmaceutical ingredients

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KEK Cone Mills

KEK Cone Mills


The KEK Cone Mill is recognised as one of the most versatile size reduction machines in the powder processing industry. It has the ability to take a wide range of feed material and produce an equally wide range of product, The KEK Cone Mill is ideal for intermediate sizing in both wet and dry granulation processes.

It provides a gentle low energy form of size reduction and eliminates traditional milling problems including noise, dust, and heat. The gentle grinding action is capable of control within fine limits while maintaining a close particle size distribution with minimal fines generation, typical milled particle size range D50 – 500μ to < 250μ.

The KEK Cone Mill is a low energy size reduction machine for fatty, heat sensitive, sticky, moist or otherwise difficult to grind products.


Features and Benefits

  • Particle size range D50 – 500μ to < 250μ

  • High efficiency, gentle grinding

  • Low dust, noise, and heat

  • Ideal for fatty, heat sensitive, moist products

  • Versatile Intermediate Mill

  • Variable Speed Drive

  • Gentle Grinding Action to Minimize Fines

  • Multiple Drive Configurations


KEK Cone Mills are available in 7 sizes.  From bench top 75 lab model through pilot plant sizes and on to full production models, which can process at many tonnes/hour.

  • 7 Models in Range

  • From 75 mm to 640 mm

  • Under-driven and top driven models available

  • Belt, gearbox and direct motor models available


Customized Design
KEK Cone Mills are fully customised to suit the process, environment, cleaning and installation conditions for individual applications.


These include:

Drive Arrangements

  • Top Belt Drive

  • Top Direct Drive

  • Under Belt Drive

  • Under Gear Box Drive

  • Remote or Thru-Wall Drives


Feed Arrangements

  • Gravity

  • Inline Conveying – both vacuum and pressure

  • 10 Bar PSR


Mounting Arrangements

  • On Mobile Support Frames

  • On Masts and Pillars for Lift and Swivel Capabilities



  • Fully Immersible Grinding Chambers & Shaft Seals

  • Additional CIP / SIP Spray Nozzle


KEK Cone Mills are versatile mills for gentle grinding and deagglomeration with typical applications including:

Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Dry Granulation

  • Wet Granulation

  • Tablet Rework and Regrind


Food Industry

  • Coarse Sugar Grinding

  • Cookie Rework

  • Candy and Chocolate Bar Rework

  • Dairy Powder Deagglomeration

  • Bread Crumbing

  • Rusk Grinding


Chemical Industry

  • Detergent Tablet Rework

  • Color extension of dye powder in blends

  • General de-agglomeration processing

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