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Iris Valves

Mucon Iris Diaphragm Valves are used world-wide because of their superb flow control characteristics and versatility in duties:

  • Non jamming

  • Easy and precise powder control

  • No leakage to atmosphere

  • Suitable for frequent operation

AD Series Iris Valve

AD Series Iris Valve

The Series AD valve is the most popular of Mucon's hand operated valve range. The AD is a double diaphragm Iris Valve and is ideal for in-line applications with no leakage to atmosphere.



  • All body parts are manufactured from aluminium

  • The Control Ring (Handle) for sizes up to and including 200mm diameter are Gunmetal. For valve sizes greater than 200mm diameter are produced in Aluminium / Zinc

  • Nylon triggers and 316 stainless steel screws are used to combat corrosion

  • Sizes 380mm and 450mm have hand wheel operation as standard


  • The double diaphragm means it is ideal for in-line applications with no leakage of material to atmosphere

  • Robust construction for medium to heavy duties, handling materials up to 1600 Kg / m³

  • In-situ Iris diaphragm adjustment reduces maintenance time

  • Its proven design is suitable for frequent operation

  • Our large range of diaphragms can suit an enormous range of applications

  • Bore sizes from 80mm to 450mm


  • Outlet valve for Silos, Bins, Hoppers and Chutes

  • Can be used for In-Line applications

  • Discharge from Sifters, Ribbon Mixers, and Double Cone Blender outlets

  • For manual bagging of material where frequent operation is involved

  • Controlling discharge from containers into weigh hoppers

  • Closing the 'necks' of Big Bags where a valve smaller than the Series JS12 is required


  • The Iris Valve is non jamming

  • Full bore diaphragm opening (no restriction to product flow)

  • No mechanical wear of the valve from abrasive products

  • Diaphragms and liners are easy and inexpensive to replace

  • Easy valve operation and maintenance

  • Safe, gentle and strong. Therefore an ideal solution for many diverse applications


  • All valve parts can be produced in 316 stainless steel (Except for the AD3)

  • Flurene or other coatings are available for valves working in corrosive environments

  • Stainless steel clamp rings

  • Multi-notching of the valve is available to enhance flow control

  • Hand wheel operation is available for sizes 150mm to 300mm

H Series Iris Valve

H Series Iris Valve

The Series H Iris valves were designed specifically for open discharge applications on outlets of small and intermediate bulk containers (Rigid IBCs).

The Series H is suitable for handling materials with bulk densities up to 900 Kg / m³.

This low cost, compact valve has been fitted to many thousands of IBC's the world over. Its popularity with operators is owed to its ease of operation, reliability and excellent regulation of discharge rates.


  • 100mm, 250mm and 300mm diameter Iris valves are produced from gravity die cast aluminium with an anodised finish

  • 150mm and 200mm diameter Iris valves are produced form high pressure die cast aluminium with an anodised finish


  • Single diaphragm for dust tight closure

  • Simple construction suitable for materials up to 900 kg/m³

  • In-situ diaphragm adjustment

  • Hand operated

  • Quick release adapter. A disposable polythene liner can be incorporated with the quick release adapter

  • Large selection of diaphragms are available to suit a variety of applications

  • FDA approved contact parts

  • Bore sizes from 100mm to 300mm

  • 150mm & 200mm valves have multi notched bodies as standard


  • An outlet valve for the regulation of material flow from the bottom of Intermediate Bulk Containers

  • Outlet valve on Dust Collection Hoppers

  • Glanding around plastic pipes on extrusion cooling baths

  • Choking the 'necks' of Big Bags, where a smaller valve is required

  • The H Valve can be certified for ATEX Zone 22D provided that an Anti-Static diaphragm material is used


  • Non jamming

  • Low cost

  • Excellent regulation of discharge rates

  • Dust tight closure

  • Wide range of diaphragms to suit a wide range of product applications

  • Spare diaphragms and liners are inexpensive and easy to replace

  • Easy and efficient valve operation and maintenance

  • Safe, gentle and strong - Able to handle a large variety of products


  • Additional notches for enhanced flow regulation

  • Quick release transit cover with gasket for extra security during transportation of IBCs

  • Quick release adaptor for valve mounting (150mm and 200mm Iris valves)

  • Stainless steel Top Clamp Plate (Subject to special quotation

JS Series Iris Valve - Hand Operated Valve

JS Series Iris Valve

The Series JS Valve is specifically designed for fitting to Big Bag discharge stations to allow controlled product discharge from Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC).

The JS Iris valve can also be used for in-line or open discharge applications.


  • Body parts for the JS Iris Valve are manufactured from aluminium. The control ring is produced from zinc aluminium. Triggers are nylon and the fasteners are made from stainless steel


  • Suitable for handling material densities up to 1000 Kg / m³

  • Concentric opening/closing for ideal flow characteristics

  • Multi-notched body for maximum flow control

  • Single diaphragm for dust tight closure

  • Tapered valve inlet prevents damage to the bag and aids flow

  • Fabric diaphragms ensure gentle, but sure shut off

  • Robust construction

  • Fixing holes in Top and Bottom flanges at no extra charge

  • Bore sizes are 300mm with hand lever and 380mm and 460mm with hand wheel


  • Ideally suited for choking the necks and controlling the flow of material from Big Bags and FIBC

  • Can also be used for in-line and open discharge applications


  • Excellent flow control

  • Slim design

  • Controlled product discharge

  • Dust tight closure

  • Gentle, but sure cut off - saves material being wasted

  • Quick and simple to use

  • Easily mounted to Big Bag stations

  • Fixing hole options allow the valve to be used in-line


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